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I Imagine

I imagine..

You in a room with a huge window,

A beautiful view of the big blue sky and puffy white clouds.

A room with a big comfy couch, a flat screen TV

And lots and lots and lots of books…

I imagine..

You lazing on the couch, your long legs propped up on the arms of the couch,

Watching the World cup cricket games.

I imagine, you, taking a break to catch up on the crazy day that Kerala politics saw.

I imagine the witty comments you would have made on seeing the chaos we all saw.

I imagine you having a great big wonderful birthday with your new friends and family

 Happy birthday my dear, dear brother.  I cannot tell you how deeply you are missed.  I hope you knew how much you were loved by all of us and that as each day goes by, that bond only grows stronger.

Always, always, your Kunji chech


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