Remembering Sandeep...


I finished the race and therefore I am a winner...

Sandeep was born on March 13, 1984.   Cherished first son and first grandson.   First nephew, first baby brother, first big brother.   Is it any wonder then that he was born brimming with self confidence !

Sandeep was an exceedingly brilliant, totally intense, and incredibly handsome young man with a radiantly warm smile that reached his kind eyes. His passion for life was awe-inspiring. Even as a very young child, he possessed the rare talent and strong will to completely redefine all boundaries set by his parents, much to the wicked amusement of all the extended family.

He had the most remarkable memory and an incredible ability to internalize everything. Very early on, he showed signs of interest in quizzing, many times, in areas where grown-ups found themselves quite out of depth. With his quick wit and off-beat humour, not one conversation with him was boring.

Well-read with diverse interests ranging from sports, philanthropy, and technology, Sandeep did not miss any opportunity to challenge the system. Of course, many of us can testify to his love of debating (in the less formal context).He could be very reactive and many times, and would test your tolerance levels. He had a kind heart and was quick to come to the defense of the underdog.

He thrived on competition, taking sibling rivalry to very interesting levels. Having said that, no one was more proud of Dulu’s (his brother) achievements than Sandeep.   He was extremely loyal and intensely protective of his loved ones, especially both grandmothers.

We know he left a few things undone and a lot more that he never had a chance to begin. But in his short life, he accomplished so much and made so many friends. He was very passionate in his involvement with the Placement Cell at College and extremely proud of and sincere in his efforts to continue to work while still fighting his cancer. He was very appreciative of the love, consideration and respect he earned from family, friends and colleagues.

His cancer diagnosis in August 2005 brought out the fighter in him.   He went from being just a great son, brother, nephew and friend to being our hero.   Through it all -  the chemo, the surgeries, he focused on one goal alone – to beat the disease and get  back to his job in Bangalore and live his life and his dreams.   In his last two and a half years he taught us all a valuable lesson – never give up no matter how hard or unfair life is.  He continues to show us what positive thinking and self confidence can do for you.   

Sandeep was born a preemie: emerging into this world a tiny bundle, surprising everyone by his early appearance and he left us pretty much in the same fashion – prematurely...He was all of 24 years when he left us on May 3, 2008.  

This site is a tribute to him.

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