Dearest Sandeep.

Birthday wishes to our (baby) brother,

It is now almost three years since you left us all.

Miss you and love you lots darling.

Always in our thoughts,

From Vallichech and Kunjichech.

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, Sandeep!

Miss you..


Dear All

We are glad to inform you that Sandeep Menon Foundation has been given the approval under section 80G (5) (vi) of the Income Tax Act 1961 with effect from 01 April 2009. We received this approval  dated 03 Jan 2010 and this gives the benefit of the  tax exemption for 50% of the donations.

Best Regards


“naaalala ka”

Not that we knew each other really well.. but as i read through what you had been through all those years, can’t help but go back to the memories of the brief moments we spent together.

It’s now that the depth of this tragedy truly hit home!

A humble salute to your eternal smile & to ammayi, ammavan, Dulu, n the entire gamut of family and friends who, despite the obvious pain of losing a most loved one, put on a brave face and battled it out.

Long live your awe-inspiring spirit ! Rest in peace Sandeep !

Celebrating you, now and forever…

Love & prayers


I have been thinking of you a number of times this year. Mainly disbelief that its been two years since you left us for higher plains. Lot has happened, time is flying. We have a picture of you standing proudly and boldly in our living room. Taken from my bachelor’s trip on the houseboat that you came to attend. Just before your life changed forever with that wretched diagnosis. Whenever i pass the picture, i find myself smiling back to your mischievous grin 🙂 . What kind of wisecrack would he be saying if he was standing in front of me now…i would ask.

Your parents came to visit us in Canada. It was wonderful to have them. I found myself a few times this year re-reading our chats and mails which i have saved….and snickering at your witty comments and jokes. I also find myself looking at old photos of you as a child a few times this year, and reminiscing about you with my cousins. Sandeep stories were very popular this year in Ottawa!

Time will continue to fly by, but those memories will be intact for a lifetime. Hope you are enjoying the highlands!! We miss you here!


Two whole years. Wow.

Here’s to a beautiful person that we all were blessed to know.

Miss you darling.



Because of a huge storm, couldn’t make it to the temple on the day of your birthday like I had planned.  So the next day, Sunday evening, Sethu, Ishan and I drove to our local  temple in Connecticut.  As we entered, i heard the familiar song !!  There was a Bhajan group singing “Jai Mata Ki” at the very same time.  :-)).  I just had to laugh.    I’ll take that as a sign you were thanking me for the birthday wishes.

Jai Mata Ki , lil brother !!

hey sandy,
missing your smile! laughter!
am sure you must be watching from somewhere.
happy birthday!
hugs from unnikkochacha

Happy Birthday

My dear dear brother,

If you were here today, I’d call to wish you on your birthday.

As March approaches, memories of you flood the mind, but it is with dread that we all think of that day in May….

But today should be a happy day – one that celebrates the beautiful times we have all shared with you.

Random thoughts and memories crop up on a regular basis in the most surprising of ways. I like to believe in my own quirky way that these are times you visit me. Sigh.

Still miss you and love you dearly.

With love always,


A Very Special Diwali

Hello Sandeep,

The clock reads 20 minutes past midnight now. This Diwali, which has just left us, is a very special one for me.

Viji miss, Mala miss, Vinod and I visited your parents and grandma at your home. Your pet dog was quite surprised at seeing unfamiliar faces and it did let us know that it didn’t recognize us! 🙂 An array of neatly laid diyas, lighted by your mother, greeted us into the house.

I was seeing your grandma for the first time, though I have spoken to her over the phone on a few occasions. We couldn’t meet Duleep, since he is in Bangalore.

We talked for a long time and together we relived some of the wonderful memories that you have left behind with us.

You live in our hearts, Sandeep. For all of us, SCHOOL == SANDEEP MENON. Not a single day passes without taking your name. Somehow, out of nowhere, you come up in a discussion or your ever-smiling face flashes in our minds. You were truly special – one of its kind. I have never met another person like you. You always made us smile and now your memories are doing the same. Truly, SMILE is synonymous with you, Sandeep. It had a sparkle of deep genuineness.

I have known you from the age of five. And whenever there was a choice to make, we surprisingly ended up in the same place (Second language – Hindi, Plus Two – Computer Science, Engineering College – MEC)!

You were always happier than your friends about their achievements. How many times have I seen the glow on your face, when somebody shared their joys with you? And how many times have I seen the pain on your face, when somebody shared their sorrows with you? You were a symbol of kindness and compassion.

Your forthright attitude made you all-the-more endearing to all of us, for, we saw in you, a true friend who was honest, reliable and trustworthy. Your were a person of highly commendable integrity.

We all miss you deeply.

Teena C H

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