Happy Thirthieth Birthday

2014 would have seen your thirtieth birthday, dear Sandeep. Oh how we would all have ragged you on becoming an old man! 😀 And how we all still MISS you sweetheart. Love love love.

Happy 30 !

My dear Sandeep,

As you well know, I never, ever passed up an opportunity to remind you that I was six years older. So it seems fitting that, I should comment that you are as old today as I was when you left us. Happy birthday little brother. I know you are smiling and rolling your eyes at me from up above. Have a blast !

Love you always. Forever your Kunji chech, Anu

Into the Thirties…

Well, its a ‘bye’ to the twenties and ‘hi’ to the thirties!

Happy birthday, Sandeep!

With each passing year, you are becoming ever more alive in our hearts. I think that shows the power of your innocence, earnestness and goodness with which you touched our lives!

You were such a true friend. I never found another person like you.

Let me quote something that you said during the high jump event of the Sports Day in class XII: “Participation is more important than winning. I am here to participate.” These are such powerful words that have, very honestly, inspired me on many occasions in life.

Miss you a lot, but it also feels like you are somewhere nearby.

– Teena

Five long years.
One thousand, eight hundred and twenty-five days.
Lots of tears.
Lots of smiles when remembering things you said or did.
Life goes on and you are still very much a part of our lives.
In our conversations, in our memories, in our thoughts and in our dreams.

A few months ago, I started placing a fresh flower at the start of each week on your picture.  I did not know that such a simple and common act would bring me so much peace.  It makes me stop and reflect and pray for you.

-Always, Always, your Kunji Chech – Anu

I miss you!

I miss you still and it still hurts.

Happy 29

Happy birthday to you Sandeep.

My happy memory for this post is of the time I taught you and a couple of your friends (Mahesh and Anil, I think) a dance for a school event.  As I put together some steps and you danced to “confusion theerkaname”, we shared quite a few laughs at some of your awkward moves (with your long limbs :).  But in the end, bandannas and all, I think you guys pulled it off and even managed to look cool.

We were in India in December and it was my first trip to your house without you there.  I will continue to think of you as – ‘ just gone from my sight’.    Like a car that has driven on down the road – I can’t see it anymore but that doesn’t mean it’s not driving down somewhere.  I know you are watching all of us and entertaining someone else with your usual witty commentary and opinions about all of us.

Take care my brother,

Love always, Your kunji chechi

Just like you once wished me, I too wish you “Janmadin Mubarak!” You are one of the few true and trustworthy friends that I found in my life. You were so genuine, Sandeep! You still make me smile, and cheer me up! To have known you, to have had you as a friend, is one of the most wonderful things that happened in my life. Wishing you once again, a happy birthday!



Happy 29th.


As we come up to what would have been your 29th birthday tomorrow…13 March.

“To live in the hearts of those we love is to live forever” Thomas Campbell.



Missing you

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
Dr. Seuss

I think this is so perfect for you.  You were with us for a wonderful 24 years and we cherish those years and the memories you left us with.  The number of times I find myself wishing you were around cos I want to share something I just read or heard with you – cos only you could really appreciate it. Or the times I think “I wonder what Sandeep would have said about this”…cos we all know you had something to say about everything.  🙂  I miss having you around to argue with…

You will always, always be my little brother.   Miss you deeply Sandeep.

Love, Kunji Chech

Birthday Wishes

Birthday Greetings, Sandeep!

You live in our hearts, and your memories remain as lively as ever. We love you so much.


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