Happy 29

Happy birthday to you Sandeep.

My happy memory for this post is of the time I taught you and a couple of your friends (Mahesh and Anil, I think) a dance for a school event.  As I put together some steps and you danced to “confusion theerkaname”, we shared quite a few laughs at some of your awkward moves (with your long limbs :).  But in the end, bandannas and all, I think you guys pulled it off and even managed to look cool.

We were in India in December and it was my first trip to your house without you there.  I will continue to think of you as – ‘ just gone from my sight’.    Like a car that has driven on down the road – I can’t see it anymore but that doesn’t mean it’s not driving down somewhere.  I know you are watching all of us and entertaining someone else with your usual witty commentary and opinions about all of us.

Take care my brother,

Love always, Your kunji chechi

Just like you once wished me, I too wish you “Janmadin Mubarak!” You are one of the few true and trustworthy friends that I found in my life. You were so genuine, Sandeep! You still make me smile, and cheer me up! To have known you, to have had you as a friend, is one of the most wonderful things that happened in my life. Wishing you once again, a happy birthday!



Happy 29th.


As we come up to what would have been your 29th birthday tomorrow…13 March.

“To live in the hearts of those we love is to live forever” Thomas Campbell.



Missing you

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
Dr. Seuss

I think this is so perfect for you.  You were with us for a wonderful 24 years and we cherish those years and the memories you left us with.  The number of times I find myself wishing you were around cos I want to share something I just read or heard with you – cos only you could really appreciate it. Or the times I think “I wonder what Sandeep would have said about this”…cos we all know you had something to say about everything.  🙂  I miss having you around to argue with…

You will always, always be my little brother.   Miss you deeply Sandeep.

Love, Kunji Chech

Birthday Wishes

Birthday Greetings, Sandeep!

You live in our hearts, and your memories remain as lively as ever. We love you so much.


Happy Birthday

Happy birthday sweetie.  Remembering all the good times, all the laughs we shared, all the arguing we did.  Remembering the last birthday I spoke to you.

My happy memory for the day  – one Onam holiday, you were in trivandrum as usual.  I don’t rememeber the details behind it, but your chechiamma, vallichechi, Dulu and ammumma left early for Deepti’s house.  And you and I were to join them later – oh I remember now, I had to stay back for a violin lesson and you stayed with me.  Anyway, just as we set out to join them, it started to rain.  Heavy, heavy, Kerala rain !!  We had been instructed to catch an autorickshaw but we couldnt get one at first.  And then we were enjoying ourselves so much in the rain that we decided to keep walking.  And so we did.  All the way from my house to Deepti’s.  In the unbelievably heavy rain.  We were so completely drenched !!  But we laughed all the way.  How much fun was that !

So much has happened this year.  You have a new niece, Mira.  You would have loved her.  You always loved little baby girls and she is quite the charmer !  Ishan is five and a half and he reminds me a lot of you some times.  🙂

Mira celebrates her first “pirannal” today, on your birthday !!!  How’s that ?  I like to think you arranged for that to happen.   You way of letting us know that you are still with us.  Four years have passed but you are still as much a part of our lives as ever.

Happy birthday Sandeep, forever 24.

Yet another birthday….

…that you’re not here. Thinking of you all day today and so many times in the year, little brother.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Vallichech and Kunji.

Dearest Sandeep.

Birthday wishes to our (baby) brother,

It is now almost three years since you left us all.

Miss you and love you lots darling.

Always in our thoughts,

From Vallichech and Kunjichech.

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, Sandeep!

Miss you..


Dear All

We are glad to inform you that Sandeep Menon Foundation has been given the approval under section 80G (5) (vi) of the Income Tax Act 1961 with effect from 01 April 2009. We received this approval  dated 03 Jan 2010 and this gives the benefit of the  tax exemption for 50% of the donations.

Best Regards


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